Da L.E.S Mandela Money Album Drops This Friday 4 July 2014

Rotation of music is like the cycle of life, Da L.E.S establishment as an independent  hip-hop artist is with his own swag and sound summed up in his second album “Mandela Money”! When asked why Mandela Money, the response is pragmatic, “Madiba proved that any thing can be achieved, even your head on a paper bill! For me, that is  my encouragement that I can achieve my personal goals…. I would like to share that with the World”.  On the back of his first album in 2010:  ‘FRESH2DEF’, much has changed over the past 4 years! From the sound of ‘Tippy Toes’ which had the school girls on their feet, to the original sound of Jozi, with tracks like “What’s with the Attitude”. This album is a true expression of L.E.S! With a universal vision as his audience, the inclusion of young producers from various parts of the African continent, brings a fresh Hip Hop sound, which appeals to  a wide variety of cultures .. An imperative objective of Da L.E.S…


The album features 8 artists, including ICE Prince & home boy AKA, and has an intro by Mr. Mandela which sends a clear message that all is possible. It is clear L.E.S has a lot to share with the world and the album’s first two releases, ‘Heaven & FIRE’, are truly a mild introduction of the diversity and talent of Da L.E.S.  The album was 90 percent recorded at his own studio (FRESH2DEF PRODUCTIONS), which was built from the fruits of his earnings from Tropika Island of Treasure 2013! The album is engineered by talented producer Vava from The Deceptikonz, production house and is a  musical Hip Hop  journey from old school to R&B, to club bangers as well!


Da L.E.S’ aspirations are to travel the globe with a special interest in Africa. The album is yet another mark of the immense talent in South Africa. Da L.E.S musical career is on a path moving forward and the support of the continent is the foundation.

Watch Da L.E.S’ music video: ‘FIRE’


Connect with Da L.E.S on Twitter: @2freshLES



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