Waist Training: How Safe Is The New Body-Shaping Craze?

Waist training is the new workout craze sweeping the celebrity circuit, and it’s now trickled all over the world. But does it work, and more importantly, is it dangerous?

It’s the fad that promises to give you that perfect hourglass shape by literally squashing your waist into shape using a special ‘corset’. And the waist training before and after shots do make it look like they make a difference.

But what do these waist training corsets actually do to your body? And what are the risks?

The problem is that waist training only makes you look slimmer while you are wearing the corset. Once you take it off, your body will soon revert back to its normal shape. This is because wearing a corset will have no effect on the amount of body fat that you have. This means that in order to get long-term results from waist training, you would need to wear the corset all the time.’


This has some serious health risks due to compression, such as skin infections, pulmonary problems, kidney issues and lung issues. Not to mention the fact that it can be extremely painful. Even the manufacturers of the corsets advise that people wear them for a short time only, due to the risks involved.

It should be no surprise to learn that the latest celebrity endorsed weight loss treatment will have no effect on your body fat and may even be dangerous. There is no secret to losing weight: eating properly and exercising frequently are proven to be the most effective techniques. If you want to wear a corset to make you look slimmer for one evening, then it probably won’t do you any long term harm. However, you should understand that it isn’t good for your health and it isn’t something to make a habit of.

What waist trainers do to your insides
What waist trainers do to your insides

Our advice would be: If you would like to achieve a flat stomach for a night under that skin tight dress, then go ahead. However we are not a fan of clinching in your waist and squashing your organs. Long term wear can be really bad for your health.

So next time, do some research before following celebrity trends.


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