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Foundation is an everyday girl’s Photoshop. A simple swipe of product covers blemishes, redness, and scarring and just like Photoshop, when its done correctly, it’s invisible to the naked eye. The sad truth is that most women apply the wrong shade. People should never know you are wearing the product on your face. It should effortlessly blend with your skin so it evens out your tone and makes you look natural. When you choose the correct shade for your skin tone, you will not see it. So how do we go about finding the right color? These are some of my tips!



When in Doubt, Go Darker:

People always tend to go too light, when in reality, it’s better to go slightly warmer or a color closer to your skin tone, if you are ever in between shades and are unsure which way to lean, go with the darker shade. Going lighter almost always looks cakey and artificial.

Never Color Test on Your Hand:

It’s not an accurate read of color. The skin on the back of your hand is not the same tone on your face. So instead, apply along the side of the jawbone for an exact color match. Your hands are subject to more sunlight, so they have a tendency to be darker or sometimes lighter.

Trust Your Neck Over Your Face:

Sometimes the face and the neck can be two different tones. Similar to the hands, the cheeks also tend to get more color. My trick is to always choose the warmer shade to cover both the neck and face area, bringing it all to one even tone.

Don’t Over Use It:

My last word of advice: Think of your foundation as a spot corrector. You rarely need it all over the face. You should use it as an enhancer to put more emphasis on your natural beauty. This will only work if you have chosen the correct shade for your skin.

There are 5 main textures of foundation. Each one is specially formulated to meet the needs of specific skin types.

  • Cream Foundations are ideal for: Normal, Combination and Dry skin. It is especially well suited for women with uneven pigmentation, or those requiring heavierĀ coverage.

cream foundation

  • Liquid Foundations are ideal for: All Skin types. It is especially well suited for dry or mature skin.


  • Pressed Powder foundation is ideal for: Oily skin-What it does: Evens out the skin tone, hides imperfections and absorbs excess oil.

ELES Mineral Powder Foundation Pressed wsponge SPF 15




  • Tinted Moisturizer is ideal for: Normal and dry skin. It is especially well suited for those who need extra hydration and just a touch of color to pull everything together.



Written by: Dimpho Masango


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