Contouring Tutorial for Dark Skin

We hope that you are very excited about this post because, as we were doing research, we kept seeing tips for contouring on light skin. Today we want to focus on contouring for dark skin/tanned beauties.

We might not all be blessed with good cheekbones of but there are some clever insider tricks which if mastered, can really make the most of each woman’s unique face shape and enhance their individual bone structure.

First thing, lets identify your face shape:face-chartNow that we have that covered lets get into the fun stuff:

THE HOW-TO: Contouring for Tanned Skin Tones

“Firstly analyze your face in frontal low-lighting to see where you get natural shadows under the cheekbones, jawline and nose and then enhance these areas using either a contour powder or cream or deeper shade of foundation. Start by shading to create the desired shape – right underneath the cheekbone towards the center of the face, through the temples and hairline, then a light dusting on each side of the nose.

Once you’ve blended and shaded the areas, use a highlighting product to emulate the parts a spotlight would bounce light off, such as the center and high-planes of the face.


To add that flirty flush and finish to your look, try using a large blusher brush to sweep a soft illuminating cheek color onto the apple of the cheeks – corals and burnished tones look beautiful on tanned skin.

THE HOW-TO: Contouring for Dark Skin Tones

Depending on how dark you are, makeup contouring for dark or brown skin is simple. Contouring works by using contrast tones. For instance, those with deep complexions can use their own skin tone as the contour color and then highlight where needed.


When contouring, you want the light to hit the highest point of the face which are the high cheek bone, forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and jaw line. Dark skinned women can purchase a contouring pad as well which comes with an array of shades to highlight and shade. Try using a chisel brush with your contouring color under the cheek and use it under the jaw line as well. Get creative with makeup contouring for dark/brown skin. Try using bronzer as a contour shade on the cheeks and jawline. Also try using a pencil to contour the nose. No matter what skin tone you have, there is always a way to highlight and accent the face even if it seems a little difficult.

Now, lets talk about brushes:


I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial on contouring, will you be using this look my dark skin beauties?

Love Chicki



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