Get The Perfect Eyebrow

Hey ladies!

Do you have eyebrows that have gone wild?

This article is about everything related to your eyebrows and how you can make a cute statement with them. They can make a big difference in your appearance and if done correctly, they can really draw attention and frame your eyes beautifully. Eyebrows are one of the latest makeup trends right now and there are so many ways on how you should fill them in.



I’m here to give you the #DIY 101 on how to create the perfect brow.

Products you’ll need:

1. Tweezers

2. Eyebrow Pencil

3. Brown Eyeshadow

4. Eyebrow Brush and Concealer brush

5. Concealer


Step 1: You going to start off with a bare brow, taking your tweezers and plucking off any stray

hairs to shape the brow.

Step 2: Outline the bottom and top of the brow with an eyebrow pencil, fill in leaving a little bit


Step 3: Using an angled brush fill in with brown eye shadow.

Step 4: Remove excess of the product from your brush and brushing upwards gently fill in the

blank spot for a “natural look”.

Step 5: Using a concealer brush clean the edges with a little bit of concealer.

Step 6: The final part is to blend in your concealer and you’re done!


Never underestimate what the perfect brow can do for a female’s confidence, not only will it add

definition to your face, but it will take your selfie game up a notch. So please ladies get

tweezing, shaping and filling in. You don’t want to miss out on another flawless Instagram pic.

Written by: Dimpho Masango



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