PRuth Voice!

The Evolution of Perceptions

Socio-economic and political issues in relation to the youth

The future of youth politics has been born. The perceptions of politics being bad have been diminished. Youth empowerment and participation is now a trend, and PRuth Voice is giving you the platform to embrace the oratory speaker in you!

This is no political writing that is based on the entropy of our political state as a county. The content is based on you and your mindset. Politics writings can be a bore, but believe it or not, politics is our daily bread. No amount of ignorance and hate can change that. That is by far brought out by the silence that many behind us and with us still adhere to. After all, silence is cause for concern.

PRuth Voice is not responsible for the misery of the hiking petrol prices or the departure of members of parliament and unions. It is not the contributor to the persistent emphasizing on corrupt politicians. It is not the informational base of “pay back the money” nor the exposed unqualified politicians. It is not the platform for political advocacy. Not the analysis of the power outages in the country, nor how the markets are doing.


We are dynamic and innovative. The game changers. Technology being a milestone for civilization has given us huge advantages to take charge of what we want and how we want it. The old saying of “talk is cheap” might trigger contradictory thoughts, but no matter how small our opinion is, it matters the most to how a country should be run and understood.

Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon once said, “The youth should be given a chance to take an active part in decision making at local, national and global level”. We are influencing the change of perceptions. The norm amongst the youth about politics can be a drag. Thoughts such as, “I have no power to influence politics. I am a nobody”. My brother! We make you believe you can.

Giving you platform to showcase your emotions and thoughts through your commentaries and feedback, give us insight to analyze and see the effectiveness of the youth’s participation. Not all of us can be politicians, but all of us have the right to change our destinies. Through empowering ourselves, we are holding the key to success.


Politics is fun! But that is diminished by the corrupt air we breathe that is distilled by it. By being unaware of politics, our fate is determined by somebody else. Not so cool, huh? Our effectiveness can go beyond many gestures.

We pledge to inspire and put an effective change in how we view politics and other factors surrounding our beloved country. Through what is important needs advocacy and strategies that can combat it. Today’s youth have acquired a sixth sense for being opinionated and how wonderful it is to know that we are making a difference, even though we are not yet heard.

The impact of young leaders on the growth of a Country is crucial, it is not to be ignored that there has to be a right balance between the experienced and youth. Hence increasing number of young politicians is certainly a new dawn, and we part of that number.


PRuth Voice has arrived and its succession is through you. Your opinion and thoughts count a lot. The content is through the youths mindset. Thus it will always be energetic and vibrant. Do not slumber by complaining but know how what you cry about is a call for action and solution, and the best way can to succeed by knowing whom we are and what we stand for. Express your freedom of speech, it is your right after all and no political giant or mogul can take that away from you. If that was the cases, it would have been scraped out of the Bill of Rights.

Article Written by:

Agisanang Disemelo.



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