Bloemfontein’s 2Nyce aka MoneyNyce

He goes by the name of 2Nyce aka MoneyNyce and he hails from Bloemfontein, South Africa. No stranger to the music industry but definitely deserves more recognition as he is a very talented rapper who takes the time to perfect his craft.


Describe who 2Nyce is as a musician

As a Musician, 2Nyce is a passionate person who sees music as his life, and someone who strives for making change through music

Where are you from originally?

I am originally from Jamaica, LOL I’m kidding. I’m originally from Free State province’s Capital city, Bloemfontein in a township called Bochabela, I was born there and I’m just hoping I’m not gonna die there.

How long have you been making music?

I started doing music back in high school in grade 11, which was 2005. It started out as a hobby for the 1st three years and later turned into my career choice, which led to me dropping out of varsity during my 2nd year to pursue music on a full time basis.


What new music are you currently working on?

I am actually working on a self titled E.P, which is going to be a prelude to my album which I plan on releasing next year. The E.P. will consist of 7 songs, and features include Ab Crazy, Press, Andrianto and Kalvin K, with production solely done by me.

Why the name 2Nyce?

Because I’m such a nice guy, times 2!

What makes you different from the rest of the rappers in South Africa?

Firstly my background is different, my up bringing, my experiences, the challenges I’ve been through and still go through are different from every one else’s, so automatically just by that it means my story is different. I might talk about the same things as the other guys but I’m gonna say it in a different way, The 2Nyce way.

What are some of the difficulties you face when it comes to being an upcoming musician in South Africa?

Number one challenge, criticism! Especially in the beginning. Number 2: Money! To start of your career or even maintain it you need money, and not many people are willing to invest in music and in artists, so the challenge of money is always big as well. From there, just trying to penetrate the industry, and get your music to play on Radio or TV is a huge struggle for someone on the come up with no money or any connections butt you learn as you go and fail and make mistakes. Eventually you become smarter and wiser. So if you can overcome a few of these challenges which I mentioned, the rewards will be great in the end.


Any advice for upcoming musicians who want to succeed?

The three things you must have if you wanna become a successful artist is patience, persistence and passion!!! It’s not an easy journey, behind the glitz and glam is a lot of hard work and dedication, stressful sleepless nights and so many doors being slamned in your face. You must have the heart and will to persist even through the tough times, as I said the rewards are great, But don’t expect it to come easy, prepare yourself for your musical journey to success.

2nyce ft Presss and KalvinK DownWithThat

2Nyce is officially apart of PRuth Communications who will deal with all of his publicity and radio sampling needs.

For interview requests, contact



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