Oracle V.P. Talks Music with PRuth

unnamed (4)What inspired the name Oracle VP?

ORACLE was found in the dictionary by my brother a few weeks after he heard my first rap. We had a school project so as we looked up words and when he saw the word he felt it would be fitting since it means A WISE ADVISER which is what I do with my music mostly. The “VersePrince” (VP) part came later on.

What influenced you to take on rapping as career?

I always had it in me, but decided to get proactive when I saw a lot of “rappers” that I knew I was better than. People’s responses and interest every time I rapped also kept me going, made me certain that I wanted to further this and not just be big in my hood.

How was it working for big name artists such as Aus Tebza and Zola 7?

It’s always amazing getting to meet in person the people whose craft contributed however much to yours. Zola more than any other is legendary and just being told that he wanted me to design his album cover had me way beyond just excited knowing what that meant for my profile but what excited me even more was when he approved of my music and allowed me to live with and work with him. Being with him daily grew me in ways beyond what I had imagined. I treasure that till death. Aus Tebza also has been an inspiration. Who would not be inspired by a lady who broke the norm and pursued playing an instrument mostly known to be played by men and even excel at it?

Do you believe that it was fate that you didn’t make it on Idols season 10 auditions?

I would say so. I guess it was not my time, but that chance was for me to elevate and grow. I performed at the Durban July, Macufe and Authentic Sundays alongside Zola and just that would not have happened if I had made it onto Idols season 10. So yeah, God’s time.

unnamed (5)

Is there a significant meaning behind the title of your debut album “PRIDE”?

PRIDE is all I’ve ever had. And that coming from myself, because of decisions I had made in life growing up. I left school at grade 11 to pursue the arts. To most it was a bad decision but I prided in knowing that I was pursuing what I love. And I remain proud of myself for forever setting goals and making sure I achieve them so since my PRIDE is all I have I am now inviting others to have PRIDE in the fruits of my hard work with me.

What are some the challenges you’ve faced thus far as an upcoming artist?

It’s sad how you get called up to shows then end up not performing because some Big artist is around, or how people promise you things that may possibly take you further in the business then drop you with no explanation just because “People don’t know you”. What’s hard is getting airplay as an unknown artist. You know and they know that your music is good but they won’t air it just because you aren’t so known.

Do people in your family or community treat you differently since you’ve been in the music industry?

Yeah ey. Haha. A lot has changed since the articles, TV appearances and me performing on big platforms. Most people call me Celeb already. I don’t complain though. I just keep on working, it’s good to know that they treat me like a star already. All I gotta do is be one.

What has kept you grounded and humble throughout your journey?

I was shy for the longest part of my childhood. That contributes to what I do now. I’m shy to be seen or known as a pompous person. I can’t change now. If I do it must be for the better. Wouldn’t wanna embarrass my family with my actions. And I love people, a lot.

Who are some of your favorite SA Hip Hop artists?

Proverb takes the front seat. I respect how hard working and consistent that man is. I also look up to Drake. I feel that his past is my present and he’s living my future.

When can your fans expect the official release of your debut album?

Well I’m kinda putting things on hold for a bit because I’m gonna be busy with something that could turn out huge this year. But that won’t stop me from continuing recordings and when the time is right I’ll announce the release date for my project. I’m currently recording material for PRIDE and I’ve actually partnered up with a killer producer homie of mine, Simphiwe “Zephbeats” Mhlongo. Remember the name.

unnamed (6)

Can we expect a music video on our screens anytime soon?

I plan to shoot a video for a track I’m doing with a homie of mine who’s got more female fans than Donald. Hahaha. Can’t give out a name yet but I know they gonna love this one.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years in terms of your music career?

The plan is just invasion. I don’t have limits so since it seems that every single year I have bigger things happening I plan on letting the work speak for itself.

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