RIOT Be His Name and Music Be His Game

We introduce to you, RIOT. An upcoming rapper in South Africa that is definitely worth the Upcoming Talent feature. He was featured on Full clip (Siz ‘n Scoop) where he free styled on the full clip and both freestyles made it onto the Full Clip Mixtape. You have to hear the freestyle yourself to understand why this guy needs more recognition.

Hip hop artist, RIOT
Hip hop artist, RIOT

We met with RIOT in the creative hub of Johannesburg at the 86 Public Pizzeria in Braamfontein. We were met by this humble husky voiced rapper who hails from a place called Toekomsrus aka Toekies. RIOT has worked with the likes of GingerTrill and has performed next to the likes of Cashtime fam’s KidX and Smashis.

After a few pictures, RIOT definitely warms up and has a couple of laughs with us. We spoke about music, life, the industry and of course his upcoming projects. Seems like this husky voiced rapper has alot more in store for us in 2015 and we have to admit, we are definitely intrigued to see what comes next.

What attracted us to RIOT is the fact that he isn’t a cookie cutter rapper. There is nobody else in the industry that one can compare him to right now. He makes use of the fact that he speaks Afrikaans and that definitely is reflected through his music. One of his songs: ‘Saam Met My‘ is a true reflection of how he mixes English and Afrikaans together but still stays true to his style of rapping.


From humble beginnings of being a farmer’s son, RIOT has definitely been busy within the music industry. His first single on radio, ‘On Top Of The World – The takeover’ was placed at Number 4 on the Hip Hop 9/9 hosted by Siz n Scoop on YFM 99.2. His first music video ‘Lucky’ was play listed on Channel O and viewers were introduced to the rapper’s style. These are just a few items on RIOT’s list of things and trust, there is alot more coming.

La-Tasha: What would you say is the most challenging thing about being an upcoming talent in SA?

RIOT: The most challenging thing would be the fact that most of us upcoming talents in SA don’t have the resources and budget to do what needs to be done in order to make it within the industry. Having a team of people who are connected within the industry definitely helps and that is why I appreciate my team.

With the increase in Motswako rappers in the music industry, it is a very nice thing to see that South African musicians do not have to imitate rappers overseas to get recognition. RIOT is one of the musicians that we are proud to say represents the bilingual Mzansi to the fullest.

RIOT will be releasing his new music video ‘Altyd in die Straat‘ soon!

So keep an eye out for that one.

Watch the ‘Saam Met My’ official music video here:

Connect with RIOT:


Twitter: @RiotHondjie


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