TRESOR Riziki Chats To PRuth!

La-Tasha and Tresor

30 March 2015 – Multi-platinum selling, Singer-Songwriter-Producer based in South
Africa, entrepreneur by nature, proudly African, originally from Goma – DRC, TRESOR Riziki is an upcoming talent of note. Many of you guys might know him as “Mr. Mount Everest”. We had the privilege of being Behind the Scenes at his Mount Everest Music Video Shoot earlier on this year at Studio Space Pictures in Midrand and we have to admit, seeing this musical soul in action is really captivating.

Our Chief Editor/Owner, La-Tasha Pucoe had a sit down conversation with TRESOR today in Sandton, Johannesburg and was pleasantly surprised by how intellectual he is. The conversation was in-depth with regards to his music and his upcoming album. TRESOR Riziki is definitely a name to remember and a talent to keep an eye on within the music industry.

TRESOR stated that he has a love for African music and that he loves to be associated with the African feel to music when it comes to his sound. When asked about what specific elements of African music he likes, he responded “I don’t like to put myself in a box but right now I am loving the Maskandi element of African music. I am a fan of old school African music such as your Ladysmith BlackMambazo, Sipho “Hotsticks” Mabuse and Johnny Clegg as well. I try and mix old school and new school African elements in my music to create something that’s totally fresh.


“With the Mount Everest music video, we managed to implement what we wanted to achieve and the video response has been nothing short of amazing around South Africa and Africa as a whole. Putting the music video together is always hard work and requires dedication but the end result makes it all worth it. I think we managed to capture the energy of the song and reflect that in the music video” states TRESOR.

Keeping in mind that PRuth Magazine is a strictly Mzansified Magazine, we asked TRESOR who he would like to collaborate with in South Africa. With a smile on his face, he responded “There are quite a few artists that I would like to collaborate with but obviously in South Africa, I would love to work with South African songstress, Lira and around Africa, there are alot of good musicians that I would like to work with such as Wizkid, Nigerian born Asa and many more.


Besides being a musician, TRESOR is additionally apart of a huge Music Television show in South Africa and he takes pride in his Writing and Producing role. TRESOR has been writing from the tender age of 12 years old and started writing songs in English for the past 6 years. TRESOR Riziki wrote two songs on Zahara’s multi-platinum album “Phendula” and also featured as a singer on one of them titled “Limbisa”.

“I think I have always been a writer and producer at heart. All these things that I do all came at different times and stages in my life. I worked hard on my songwriting until I was ready. As a musician, you always look for a stamp of approval and when people recognize and appreciate your talent and abilities, it motivates you to do better.”

“I am very excited to be heading on the road not only in South Africa and Africa as a whole but in Europe as well. I think the time has come to just get out there and promote my music as far and wide as we possibly can. Heading to Europe will hopefully let me gain more exposure because the privilege of being African is that our music brings something fresh to the table.”


The problem with upcoming talent nowadays is that they don’t know the business side of being a musician hence La-Tasha proceeded to ask TRESOR how joining Vth Season has helped him understand the business side of things. “I am very picky with which people I prefer to work with because I look at my music as my life. I followed the work that Vth Season has done with AKA and how much dedication has been put into his brand and I was impressed. I love working with smaller teams because the process is much easier instead of being at larger labels where you don’t receive attention to detail. Joining Vth Season has taken my brand to another level compared to when I did everything on my own. I don’t have to focus on anything else but my music and they take care of the rest.”

LA-TASHA: Any advice for upcoming talent in South Africa who doesn’t have the budget to get a company like Vth Season behind them?

TRESOR: I think its all about the quality of the music. I have realized that you need to work really hard to fine tune your craft. You need to knock on as many doors as you possibly can as well because all you need is one door to open up many rooms of opportunities. If you have a great song, trust me there will be giants in the industry chasing after you because of one GREAT song. Obviously I don’t mean that you should write one song and then do nothing. Once that one door has opened, make sure that you work harder. For me its about perseverance, faith and most importantly keep on hustling.

TRESOR has recently finished writing and recording songs for his upcoming album: ‘VII’ which features Beatenberg, AKA and Khuli Chana. We are definitely looking forward to the launch of this album and expect our invite to the album launch party soon. Hint Hint.

A motto that TRESOR can live by is that he kept on knocking on doors until his door finally opened. An inspirational story indeed.

There is no such thing like “Over Night Success. It takes hard work”

states TRESOR

Watch TRESOR Riziki’s music video for his song: “Mount Everest” ft AKA here:

Interview written and conducted by: 

La-Tasha Pucoe

Chief Editor/Owner of PRuth Magazine

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