Creative Writing Workshop – Rosebank College Braamfontein


On Thursday, 19 March 2015 – The PRuth Magazine team was invited to head down to the Rosebank College in Braamfontein to hang out with some first year Public Relations students about the world of PR and motivating them to make the most of the tertiary years so that they can eventually do great things in the industry.

La-Tasha Pucoe, Lomile Lebeko and Dimpho Masango are former Rosebank College students who shared their knowledge about creative writing and the PR world outside of the Rosebank College walls. The students were a joy to speak to and the interaction was amazing. We would definitely love to hang out with them again. Their were students who asked questions and then there were those who were more reserved and just absorbed all the information. We conducted two workshops in one morning for two different PR classes and meeting both groups was an absolute pleasure.


The Creative Writing Workshop was aimed at motivating all of the students to be dream chasers. Opportunities will not knock on your door in the PR industry, you have to go out and find them. Lomile Lebeko, Managing Editor shared her experience of working for the magazine and motivated the Rosebank College students to join the magazine to gain experience within the industry because one of the requirements of the PR course at Rosebank College is that each student has to obtain a PR internship at a company in order to graduate.


Features Editor, Dimpho Masango spoke about her journey and tasks that she has to fulfill within the magazine and how much responsibility comes with her title. Dimpho is responsible for making sure that as a youth portal, we are always on trend and speaking about relevant issues.


We also explained to the students how we make money from our online magazine and this part was really a point of interest. One of our photographers, Thokozani Manyoni shared his responsibility and roles as a photographer and educated the students with knowing their rights when it comes to photography. PR is a broad industry and after both of our workshops, we had students approaching us to know much more and how they could join our movement.


Here is some of the positive feedback that we have received on our Twitter page:


We would like to thank their PR lecturer, Siyabonga Mzizi for inviting us to do this workshop to motivate the students. We made some cool friends and look forward to seeing how they will impact the PR industry. Keeping our magazine strictly Mzansified is something that we are extremely proud of and we would love to see what fresh ideas our new freelance writers put on the table.

Thank you to all of the Public Relations students who made our visit a memorable one!

For the students who won prizes at the workshop please email us the following information:

For all the Rosebank College students who won prizes at the Presentation we did, please email us the following:
1. Your Name and Surname
2. Your Phone Number
3. Your Address
4. Your Student Number
5. Your prize that you won


Remember our quote that we opened up the workshop with?



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