Tumi Tladi’s single, ‘YouAintShh’ on rotation at YFM

New Age Superstar in the making, Tumi Tladi released his brand new single titled #YouAintShh ft Alfa Kat Laygo earlier in the year and has been performing the song like crazy at various events around Johannesburg.

The single ‘YouAintShh’ made its first appearance on DJ Speedsta’s #HipHopHot99 chart on YFM and made it to Number 8 before falling off the Hip Hop chart due to the reason that the radio station decided to pick the song up for the station playlist. Tumi Tladi fans are now able to hear the song at any time during the course of the day on various shows.


“I am so grateful to finally be on rotation at YFM. For every upcoming musician, YFM is the radio station that we aim to be on. I am blessed to have a team that works around the clock to put my talent out there. I personally would like to thank YFM, the fans and my PR agency for making this possible. I have something new that will be released soon so do keep an eye out for that one.” Expresses Tumi Tladi

Download the song #YouAintShh here:




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